Soccer. Tennis. We make it.


What is it that makes our Game so awesome?

We follow the idea of rapid prototyping. Constant build of something usable. Our First Paper-Prototype is already online.


Sports are not just about winning. Fun is needed for a good game. That’s why we integrate different Items from other game you been knowing.


Soccer? Tennis?
Two different sports together?
No Problem with GoWin. We Combine both to create the best Sport game.


Every good Game needs some Action. Shooting rockets at your Opponent? Or just shrinking him to get smaller? That what we think brings Action to Sport.



GoWin started in a college class of the DHBW Mannheim as a small project.
Now it became a project creating the best game for all sport fans.

From the beginning to the end. Everything is done by three students of the DHBW Mannheim.

Starting as a small project for the class "Fallstudie". The goal is to create a complete game from scretch. Mostly with help of the JS Framework ImpactJS to create an awesome HTML5 Game.

Now it became a project creating the best game for all sports fans. GoWin want to set a new standard for everyone liking sports and especialls soccer and tennis.

We want to have fun, make it easy, make it accessible through all devices and want to make everyone playing the game happy, through continious improvement.

  • FUN

    Everyone likes to have fun gaming.

  • Accessible

    Accessible throuh all devices

  • EASY

    Easy to play and understand


Prove that we are real people working on the project, with some nice looking profile pictures and links to social media.
Andre Scherer
Jan Sulaiman
Nils Wintersbach

Contact us

Get in touch with us and just ask us whatever you want. Gives us ideas or just talk whatever you want.